About us

The Clothing Recycling Centre (TCRC) has been recycling used clothing in Australia for over 20 years. We organize the collection and distribution of all types of recyclable goods, including clothes, toys and books, which are available at cheap prices to people of Papua New Guinea.

To enable us to do this work we lease bins sites for which we pay an annual rental.

For those schools who do not have space for a clothing bin we now also offer the “Bring the Pink Bag to School Project”.

We look forward to increasing our contribution toward schools in Australia through this project. With your support more much needed clothing will be sent to Papua New Guinea where affordable clothing is always needed, especially in the cooler highlands.

By donating your good quality clothing you are in fact recycling. Used clothing is a valuable carbon neutral commodity. The more clothing is reused, less energy is consumed necessary to cloth people. Used clothing has the benefits of providing affordable clothing to people in Papua New Guinea, reduces landfills and raises awareness in recycling.  So the pink bag is a great way the recycle, reuse and reduce. The Clothing Recycling Centre is proud to facilitate this process.

If you are interested in raising funds through a permanent recycling scheme we are able to assist schools, daycare centers and kindys through our clothing bin programme. See our contacts page.