How it works

A school or organization calls us with an intention to raise funds for their project. Together we select the collection day then begin the promotion. TCRC will supply suggested promotion newsletters and flyers as well as one pink bag per student to take home. All you do is advise where and when the collection will be, and distribute the promotion material home.

On the collection day our driver will be waiting at the collection point to load the donations as they arrive, No need for storage. TCRC take the collection directly to its recycling centre where it is weighed. Payment is then sent directly back to your school representing the amount collected.

What we can use

Everything is for re-use.

What we cannot use

*Clothing Bins can be provided to accommodate late donations, ask us for more details.

Thank You NZ!Where does it go?

All good used clothing gets a second chance – all items collected are exported to Papua New Guinea where there is a great demand for affordable clothing especially in the cooler highlands.