School Fundraising

Organising your school's collection

Please call and our co-coordinator will help arrange your collection. You can call any time on Promoting the collection will follow this process;

  1. A date for collection is set; we collect Monday to Wednesday.
  2. A promotion letter is sent to parents advising of collection date.  Download PDF
  3. Pink bags supplied by TCRC are given to each student to take home one week prior to collection day. Download PDF
  4. One day prior to collection a reminder is sent home.
  5. Bags of good used clothing and wearable shoes, etc are brought to school on collection day. The Clothing Recycling Centre collection truck will be on site between 8am and 9:30am.
  6. An agreed payment to the school is made based on $ per tonne or per kg within 7 working days.

Clothing Bins

Provide a steady and on going income to your school. TCRC provide and maintain the clothing bin and regularly clear the bin. The amount TCRC pay the school depends on the quality and volume the clothing bin produces. A clothing bin is a great way to raise funds and provide a visual statement of the schools recycling commitment in its community. Call us today and ask how do I get a bin site?